Jeff for President

Jeff for President

Posted on 08. Sep, 2010 by Jeff Lambert in Everything Else

Hello my supportive fans. As you all know, during the last election I got no air time and was not invited to any of the debates. The fund raising efforts also produced no results. That said, I know I got quite a number of write in votes and for that I thank you.

Now that everyone has had a sampling of another career politician, I’m thinking my run for the office during the next election will be even stronger. Be certain to let folks know that I’m here and willing to serve our country. You’ll find that I’m fair, honest, friendly and always try my best. I’m PC, but in moderation, as I don’t have time to waste on being indirect nor obtuse and confusing. This will have the added benefit of not wasting other folks’ time, and possibly creating more jobs for the media (or less?). It probably would also result in The View going out of business.

As for my platform, less government is the pill. A flat tax means everyone pays their way equally and will result in less government, less bureaucracy, less lobbying and less government spending to maintain this pile of donkey excrement.

Term limits? I’m like George1 and don’t believe anyone should be in office too long, so, I’m definitely for limiting my term and the term of those who are starting to shift from caring citizens to bloated politicians.

Secure the borders and replace that with an effective immigration policy that can handle the number of immigrants that are already sneaking in but now, instead of sneaking, they can be legit and we can know who they are. It amazes me that this use to work. Remember Ellis Island? I guess someone tried to fix something that wasn’t broken.

Education? Smart, talented, thoughtful, inventive citizens who can intelligently reason? What a concept! Yes, I’m ready to raise the status of our Great Nation back to where it should be and it starts with educating our citizenry so that we can have our wonderful population working and contributing and not sitting in a prison cell or on a street corner. We won’t get rid of the economic disparity by handing money out to those who don’t know how to invest it in their future and the future of their children. Why has our education system failed? Okay, I’m going to pull a politician tactic of answering a question with a question… sorry. Why would career politicians want citizens who can think? Roll that around for a bit.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I’m thinking if I can get as many followers as Ashton Kutcher, and maybe some of his money too, then I just might have a chance.

God Bless America!

1 For those who weren’t around, I was referring to “George” Washington’s forward thinking ideology.

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