Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

Posted on 14. Feb, 2010 by Jeff Lambert in Family

This year will be marked by the last birthday I will ever celebrate before turning 50.  It will also consist of my lovely daughter graduating from Middle School and heading off to High School and my son becoming top dog as a Senior at his High School.  Time flies and often it really doesn’t do a whole lot to boost one’s feeling of vitality, longevity and sense of joy.

Sure, there is the joy that comes from seeing one’s children grow into wonderful young adults but that too means they’ll be leaving the nest soon.  Being able to go out and run 15 miles helps to make one feel young were it not for the added pain from the years of wear and tear on the body and the knowledge that this talent will continue to decrease with the increase in years.

But if one moves to the enlightened, brighter side of the house one will find that sunny spot under the window.  That place where the floor has been warmed by the sun and warms your soul from your stocking feet to the pounding heart in your chest.  That place where everything just feels so much better and you can close your eyes and just be calmed by the majesty of the heat from that orb so far, far away.

So, what else can do this?  Well, the other event that will occur this year is my 22nd wedding anniversary.  Not only have my children been growing up but my marriage has been maturing and growing too.  Anyone that has been in a long term commitment knows that all is not bliss, but there is a special warm feeling, a sense of safety and a special connection that comes with being with someone and sharing the joys and trials of life for so long.  To see each other grow into fuller, more enriched and compassionate individuals and partners only helps to make one feel more apart of the other.  To know what the other person is thinking without speaking and catching those special moments when you are surprised by some new joy or side to your partner that you hadn’t before seen.

Valentine’s Day provides that perfect opportunity to remember the sweet things that have been a part of one’s relationship throughout the years, starting with that chance meeting, through courtship, through the honeymoon, through the birth of one’s children, through the tough years of health issues, through the children becoming teenagers and preparing for their future lives and their loves and their trials and their successes, through the planning on what will come as the children grow and move on, to the sense of anticipation at having grandkids to cuddle with and a whole new cycle to start.  But most of all, it is a time to celebrate that one person who has been a part of all of these wonderful life experiences and challenges.  It is a time to immerse oneself in the knowledge that, without this other person, all these wonderful events would not have unfolded and provided the blessings that came about.

I often kid my wife that Valentine’s Day is not for married couples.  It’s for the elementary school kids who have their first crush.  It’s for the romantic young couples who are experiencing the chemistry of new found fondness and love.  It is for those who are trying to capture hearts, not those who already have done so.  However, if one does not treat the heart of their lover with the gentleness, thoughtfulness, spirit and compassion that they once did, the beating will fade and the spark will go out.

So, on this day I want to tell my wife, Virginia, that she is most dear to me and fills my heart with warmth and joy.  I am much more whole than I ever would be with her by my side.  The blood that flows through her also flows through me as we are one in heart and soul.  The true proof of how great we are together is to look at our children, who share chemistry from both of us, and see that when we both come together in such a loving way that it results in the most truly wonderful and beautiful of creations.  How great it has been, and continues to be, to have been blessed with each other and, together, have been able to create an everlasting love in our children.  May the wonderment of our love live on forever in our children, our children’s children, and their children… ad infinitum.

The beauty and will of my life is my wife, Virginia.  I love you most truly.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Virginia Lambert

    11. Oct, 2013

    I was perusing your website looking for ideas for my own resume and stumbled across your love letter.

    Can I just say, in addition to YOU being the best husband, you are a truly gifted writer. It is perhaps the best gift a girl can receive and I cherish your poetry and writings far above any material gift you could buy me…that and when you do the dishes. 😉

    Always & Forever, Love,

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