Google is for Searching the Web

Google is for Searching the Web

Posted on 23. Dec, 2009 by Jeff Lambert in Humor



With Christmas fast approaching,

with Social Networking on the rise,

you must remember Google’s watching,

and keep this in mind…

Google knows when you are sleeping,

They know when you’re awake,

They know what you’ve been searching,

So search for me for goodness sake…

Oh, you better watch out,

You better not spam,

You better not Yahoo,

I’m telling you why,

Google is for searching the Web.

Merry Christmas to All and here’s wishing you a #2 placement right after me 😮

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 Entrepreneur Jeff Lambert is the President and founder of JVHM, Inc., a software development business located in the San Francisco Bay Area but serving clients around the globe. Jeff's expertise includes application development, database design, integration and development, website design and development, blogging integration, video production, CRM systems setup, development and support and more. In his "spare" time Jeff likes to hang out with his family, run and expand his talents, abilities and understanding of the world around him.

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