Got a Run In and Found a New Training Site

Got a Run In and Found a New Training Site

Posted on 24. Sep, 2009 by Jeff Lambert in Play & Exercise

Today was a run day.  I’ve actually gotten more than 20 miles in so far this week!  The last time I got that much training in was the week of May 31.  Not counting that week, or this week, I’ve only been averaging about 8 miles per week.  That’s pitiful!

Well, today I decided I didn’t feel like doing the usual 5 mile trail run, so, I hit the roads and ran an out-and-back that took me past the kids old elementary school, Palomares Elementary.  It was about a 5.5 mile run.  Saw Ginny, my wife, heading back to school on my outbound leg.  Was a pretty good run with decent weather, maybe 75ish.

This evening, as I was looking at a running LinkedIn group I caught someone commenting about a training website that I hadn’t heard of before.  It’s Buckeye Outdoors and it is a really cool site.  I haven’t gotten everything down yet, and there are some things I would change, but in general it’s the best site I’ve found so far for tracking workouts and recording routes, and it’s free!  There are challenges and there are links to a lot of member websites.  Really impressive.

One feature that this site provides is the ability to grab some code for generating sidebar content, so, you’ll notice that I now have a workout sidebar.  I’ll keep it there if I continue to log my mileage on their site.  Who knows, I may.  I already keep track in my Garmin Training Center software but this is nice too.  I’m not going to go back and record past workouts but did enter everything from this week.

Well, hope everyone is staying healthy!

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3 Responses to “Got a Run In and Found a New Training Site”

  1. Ben

    25. Sep, 2009

    Hey, Just read your post wanted to let you know that if you shoot me your workouts in some digital format I can import them for you. Also you should check out it is a different front end to buckeye and it has a very different feature set you might be interested in…it also has a privacy policy:

    Oh and you should also check out this link:
    If your interested in doing some garmin syncing.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for either site.


    • Jeff Lambert

      25. Sep, 2009


      You are awesome at staying on top of things there and I’ll check out GoWagon, which I did see has a footer stating that it is powered by BuckeyeOutdoors.

      Would an export from Garmin’s Training Center work for importing? Is there a way for me to do that without bugging you with it?

      Thanks for responding to my forum question early this morning. I’m EXTREMELY impressed with how responsive you are, which is even more amazing for a site that is free. As I use the site more I’ll pass along any suggestions and I’ll definitely pass on your site to others. Which site/interface is most popular?

      Keep up the great work and thanks again,


  2. ben

    26. Sep, 2009


    An export from the garmin training center would probably be fine.

    As for which site is more popular, I’m not really sure. Gowagon is more social based and buckeye has more training features. I don’t really know who use which one more.


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