I’ve Just Moved into New Digs

I’ve Just Moved into New Digs

Posted on 07. Aug, 2009 by Jeff Lambert in Everything Else

Hello everyone!

Well, I decided it was time to move my personal blog off of WordPress.com and host it myself. Fits in better with all the other sites I build / manage. I’ll try and be a “little” better about putting something up here once-in-awhile but no promises. As you can see, my last Posts were really cheats as I was pushing content on multiple Posts from a couple of emails I received. I did like the emails, though, and decided to share them in a larger audience than what email forwarding might catch.

Anyway, hope everyone reading this is well. Check on me now-and-then or use the buttons at the top left of my site to subscribe to email or RSS updates. You also can follow me on Twitter.

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 Entrepreneur Jeff Lambert is the President and founder of JVHM, Inc., a software development business located in the San Francisco Bay Area but serving clients around the globe. Jeff's expertise includes website design and development, Facebook development, blogging integration, SEO, video production, CRM systems, database design and development and more. In his "spare" time Jeff likes to hang out with his family, run, play tennis and, until recently, was Scoutmaster with a local Boy Scout troop.

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